ESO Mount Guide

In ESO Mount Guide we will talk about how to acquire your own mount. You can either buy with gold or crown points. Also when you reach level 10, you will be rewarded with a horse. In game map, you can see stable’s icon the with horse head ;

ESO Stable Location
Stables’ location in Daggerfall map

What to do in Stable?

You buy a horse of course! Also you can feed your mount. Feeding your mount improves its capabilities such as riding speed, stamina and inventory limit.

  • Feeding has 20 hours cooldown.
  • In fact, you feed your character’s riding skills. Each of your character has own riding ability. So when you create a new character her/his riding skills will be zero. But changing active mount does not affect your riding skills.
  • There is 3 riding skills: Speed, Stamina and Inventory Capacity.
  • Max level of skills are 60.

What does riding skills do?

  • Speed increases your riding speed.
  • Stamina increases your mount’s health points. Also allows you to gallop more. While galloping if your mount runs out of stamina it does not slows down, instead keeps its pace. However you cannot gallop again if you slow down. Also stamina keeps you mounted. When you get damage while mounted, your mount’s stamina lowers. If it drains completely you fall down. So it is very important in Cyrodiil.
  • Capacity increases your inventory slot. You do not have to be mounted to increase your capacity, just feed your mount and that’s it.
  • You can improve your riding skills with Crown Store Riding Lessons. This lessons have no cooldown and can max level your riding in a matter of seconds.

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