ESO Skill Reset Guide

Resetting skills and attribute points is quite easy in Elder Scrolls Online. All you need to have is enough gold to pay the reset price.

Skill reset details:

  • There is no level requirement and no limitations.
  • You can redistribute all your reseted points.
  • Each skill & and attribute point costs 50 golds. e.g. For total 64 attribute points you will pay 3.200 golds.
  • You can either reset all your skill points, or just morphed skills. Also you can reset your skill points individually but this costs full price. So if you are low level reseting all skills are more profitable.
  • When you reset your skills you do not lose your progress on those skills.
  • By the end game you will have around 300 and more skill points, so do not hesitate to spend your skills.

Skill Reset Locations

Each alliance’s capital has skill reset shrine (Rededication Shrine ) where you can reset your skills. Here is full list and their locations:

Aldmeri DominionDaggerfall CovenantEbonheart Pact

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