How to Buy Guild Tabard?

Do you want to support your guild by wearing its tabard but don’t where to buy it? It is quite easy. All you have to do is to visit your bank. There, click on Guild Store and select the guild you want to buy tabard and there it is.

Guild Tabard

Guild Tabard Details

  • All tabards cost 2,000 gold.
  • This is in fact a gold sink, which means the money you spend is eradicated from the game. You actually don’t support your guild financially.
  • Guild tabard is bind on pick up, you cannot sell or trade it.
  • You have to be member of the guild to wear its tabard. When you leave the guild you still can keep the tabard in your inventory but you can’t wear it.
  • Designs on your tabard is your guild master’s personal choice. Only guild masters’ can edit tabard.

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