How to Sell/Buy From Guild Traders?

Guild Traders are NPCs located different parts of Tamriel and main source of in game trading.If you want to buy from your own guild’s store, you can simply visit your bank and click Guild Store. That will list you all the guilds you are in and the items in these guilds.

But what if the item you are looking for is not in your guild? Than the only alternative way is visiting Guild Traders. This is the icon

Every map has a Guild Trader and everybody can buy from these Guild Traders.

Selling in Guild Store

If you want to sell your items in the Guild Store, first you have to be a member of that guild. Only members can sell their items in the guild. Some guilds are social oriented but if your goal is to do trading, then finding a trading guild is optimal.

After you become a member, visit your bank and click Guild Store. There you can put your items on sale.

Guild Trader Details…

  • You can list up to 30 items in every guild.
  • You can list some items in stacks, such as crafting materials. That way you can save up slot.
  • Items listed will be on list for 30 days. If it does not sell, it will be returned to you via in game mail.
  • When you buy an item it will be delivered to you via in game mail. If it doesn’t, fastest way is changing map. Also relogging works.
  • Listing an item costs 1% of the listing price. Let’s say you are selling an item for 100 gold. You pay 1 gold upfront for listing. If you sell the item that gold will be returned to you. If it doesn’t, it is gone.
  • If listed item sells, guild keeps 7% of it as a commission. Let’s say you sold an item costs 100 gold. 7 gold paid to the guild, and you get 93 golds. If it doesn’t sold, your only loss is %1 listing price.
  • You can cancel your listed items anytime but you will not be refunded %1 listing price.

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