Tamriel Trade Centre

Tamriel Trade Centre is a website based trading addon for ESO. It works like an auction house. Collects millions of data from players and lists prices of items.

How to Use Tamriel Trade Centre Website

Tamriel Trade Centre is actually an addon. You can visit its website from here. Simply select your server & platform, and it will list almost all items in guild stores. For better results use advanced search option.

How to Use Tamriel Trade Centre Addon & Client

First, if you don’t know how to install ESO Addons, we recommend you to read ESO Addon Installation Guide. As always using Minion program for managing your addons is an easy way.

Now there is also a client. After you setup the addon, go to this path: Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\TamrielTradeCentre\Client, in client folder you will see Client.exe and run it. If you do now have an account just create one. By creating account you can list your own guild listings and your ingame account name will be shown on Tamriel Trade Centre website. But if all you want is just providing data for the addon then it is not necessary.

We run the client and now it is time to log in to the game. After you login, in character selection screen remember to activate TTC.

In the game mouse over the items and there you will see overall prices for the items. Just like that:

Tamriel Trade Centre

  • TTC Suggests between 4,036 and 5,045 gold for tempering alloy.
  • Minimum listing price is 3,000 and Maximum 22,000 as you can see. That means someone listed this item for 22,000 and that’s the highest price currently.
  • There is total 8,181 listings on TTC website and 30,177 pieces alloy are being sold at the moment.

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