Undaunted Enclave

Each day you can get dungeon quests from Undaunted Enclaves, when you finish you awarded with Undaunted Keys. Let’s look into the details.

What are the requirements?

To begin doing daily dungeon pledge quests you have to be at least Level 45. After you hit 45, you will get an ingame mail from Undaunted. Then you should head to any Undaunted Enclave location and sign the agreement. This is basically an agreement states that Undaunted organization won’t be responsible if you die 😀

Where are the Undaunted Enclaves?

They are in each Alliance’s capital city. Its symbol is

Aldmeri DominionDaggerfall CovenantEbonheart Pact
Grahtwood MapStormhaven MapDeshaan Map
Elden RootWayrestMournhold
Elden Root UndauntedWayrest UndauntedMournhold Undaunted

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